Your Caretaker – Khun Wanna

Caretakers and housekeepers form the backbone of a resort, embodying its ethos and warmth. Their meticulous attention to detail transforms the mundane into magic, converting mere spaces into comforting havens. Their hands, guided by dedication, ensure spotless environments, enabling guests to fully immerse in their holidays. Always present, yet often unnoticed, they are silent heroes who maintain order amidst the transient nature of resort life. Through their unrelenting efforts, they gift guests with a seamless, memorable experience, turning each stay into an unforgettable journey.


Your Chefs – Joining soon

Chefs at an eco-resort are virtuosos of sustenance, meticulously crafting dishes that delight the senses while respecting the planet. Their culinary artistry showcases the bounty of the earth, transforming ethically-sourced, local ingredients into delectable dishes. Through their innovative gastronomy, they foster connections between diners and the environment, promoting awareness of our ecological footprint.


Your Resident Manager – Joining soon

The passionate leadership of the resident manager ensures every operation aligns with ecological principles, harmonizing comfort with conservation. Their keen insight and management skills cultivate an atmosphere that champions sustainability without compromising guest satisfaction. They’re not just managers, but environmental stewards, turning eco-resorts into oases of mindful hospitality.


The People’s Person – Kim Alexandersen

Kim’s aptitude for socializing, fostering connections, and harnessing individual capacities is a warmth to behold. He weaves an intricate web of collaboration and understanding, enhancing productivity while cultivating an atmosphere of unity and shared purpose. This invaluable skill amplifies the team’s effectiveness and guest satisfaction, strengthening its reputation as a place of warmth, professionalism, and outstanding service. If you’re lucky enough to be at The River Retreat while Kim in there, you’re sure to have an absolute blast!


The Eco Builder – Marius Herrmann

Marius’s deep-seated knowledge in eco-resort construction, honed by past projects, is invaluable. His understanding of integrating hospitality with sustainability is proven and unparalleled. This expertise forms a foundation of lessons’ learned, operational experience, and ensures that we can take the best practices from eco-resorts in Khao Sok, Cambodia and elsewhere and apply it to Koh Mak.


The Vision – Ruben Derksen

A visionary’s positive thinking is crucial in this endeavor. Their optimism fuels resilience, turning roadblocks into stepping stones. Their unwavering belief in a greener, more sustainable future motivates the entire team, infusing the project with a spirit of possibility and progress. Connecting capacities across the tourism industry and bringing good hearted people together to achieve a positive goal is where Ruben finds his happiness.


Your Chief Botanist – Thai Bounthai

Legend has it that he was born in a lotus, but in reality it’s his affinity for plants that gives him the reputation of being an encyclopedia of botanical information. Thai is a masterful conductor of nature’s symphony. His wisdom nurtures the resort’s flora, preserving its vibrant natural heritage. Through his stewardship, the plants dance in harmony with the earth’s rhythm, offering guests an eco-luxury experience that is both enriching and deeply respectful of our surroundings.