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An Eco Paradise

Koh Mak, nestled in the Gulf of Thailand, is a hidden gem that embodies the epitome of a tranquil tropical paradise. With its untouched beauty, the island offers pristine white-sand beaches lapped by azure waters, perfect for relaxation and water activities. The lush greenery of coconut palms, tropical plants, and vibrant flowers complements the idyllic landscape. Koh Mak’s serene atmosphere, coupled with its limited development and low tourist influx, preserves its ecological diversity, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. This lesser-known island provides an ideal getaway for those seeking a peaceful retreat, away from the crowds and immersed in nature’s splendor.

It’s one of the few islands in thailand that takes a stance against mass tourism, and has banned motorized watersports or other motorboats, has no cars except for assigned shuttles, has garbage cans for recycling all around the island, and doesn’t allow big corporations like 7 Eleven on the island to make sure that money goes back to locals, and classifies itself as a low carbon island.

Getting around on Koh Mak

Getting around Koh Mak is a breeze, thanks to its small size and efficient transportation options. The island’s well-maintained roads are easily navigable, making it simple to explore all its attractions. Visitors can rent bicycles or scooters to venture into the heart of the island, passing through coconut groves and quaint villages. The topography is overall very flat so it isn’t hard work to peddle your way around.

Beaches on Koh Mak

There are lots of different beaches to choose from on the island. By the Sea right across the road from us has a lovely beach and serves great cocktails. Miss You Beach Resort has a cozy beach bar and a long stretch of beach you can lounge on. You can also travel to the furthest east point of the island for another lovely beach and local thai restaurant, or to the northside to Cococape and hangout on their pier over an amazing coral reef.

Restaurants on Koh Mak

Koh Mak offers diverse dining experiences to suit all tastes. From authentic Thai cuisine, including flavorful curries and fresh seafood, to international dishes, travelers can enjoy a culinary adventure. Whether dining at local eateries or beachfront restaurants, the island promises a delightful and memorable gastronomic journey.

Our favorite restaurants include Seavana for an evening of fine dining, By the Sea for fun cocktails and a mix of different food, Ball Cafe for freshly baked goods and coffee, Koh Mak Seafood for amazing seafood, Arthouse Cafe for crushed avocado toasts, Red Oven for pizzas, and of course our very own River Retreat Restaurant for food sourced with local fresh ingredients.

Bars on Koh Mak

If you’ve come to party, then Koh Mak isn’t the right island for you! Most bars shut between 10pm and midnight, with the exception of our River Retreat bar, where we play chill vibes until 1-2am as long as people are having a good time.

However, during the day and into the evening our favorite bars are Cococape for amazing over the sea cocktails, By the Sea for great singers and cool vibes, TK Bar for cheap and cheerful shots, Miss You resort for easy beers on the beach during the day, and Arthouse Cafe for the occasional live music.

Getting to Koh Mak

Not sure how to get to Koh Mak? Checkout our info page on how to get to the island here.

In any case the speedboat pier from the mainland to the island is from Laem Ngop. Here’s a google maps link: