Bamboo House

Nestled within the natural environment of our health resort, the Bamboo Room offers a unique experience designed to harmonize with nature and nurture your well-being. Crafted with sustainable bamboo, this room not only echoes the beauty of traditional Thai hand crafted architecture but also gives you an experience of how people in this country lived for generations.

  • Natural Bamboo Architecture: Experience the calming effect of living within walls made of intricately woven bamboo, allowing soft, natural light to fill the space and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.
  • Private Outdoor Space: Step onto your personal balcony, crafted from bamboo, to enjoy uninterrupted views of the lush resort gardens. It’s the perfect spot for morning meditation, or simply relishing the peaceful sounds of nature.
  • Cultural Touches: Adorned with traditional Thai art and textiles, the room reflects the rich heritage of its locale, offering a deeper connection to the country’s vibrant culture.
  • Detached Bathroom: Situated right next door to the changing room, shower and bathroom, not having an en-suite bathroom isn’t an issue